Aug 30, 2011

How To Write a Lesbian Love Letter

How To Write a Lesbian Love Letter

Sexy Fridays: How to Write a Lesbian Love Letter

Why would you write a love letter to your sweetie instead of just texting her or telling her you love her on the phone? Writing is tactile. As you put pen to paper, you're putting a piece of yourself down, where she can pick it up and hold it. You're giving her something she can keep and cherish. Something she can put in a box or a drawer and take out and touch from time to time. Especially if you live far apart or are going away, writing a love letter is a great way to remind her of how you feel about her when you're not around.

But even if you live together, surprise her with a hand written note under her pillow, with breakfast in bed or slipped into her briefcase as she heads out the door for work. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for writing a lesbian love letter.

How To Write a Lesbian Love Letter

By Kathy Belge, Guide

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Love Letter

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Writing a love letter can be one of the most romantic things you do. Follow these steps to write a romantic love letter to your lesbian partner.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

1.Keep notes. Before you even put pen to paper, think about the feeling you want to express to your lover. Jot down ideas when they come to you of specific things you want to mention. Take a few days to just ponder her.

2.Be descriptive. Think of a specific instance and recall how you were feeling. Tell her that in your own words. "The first time I saw you across the room, I couldn't speak. I forgot where I was in the story I was telling and all I could do was follow you with my eyes all night."

3.Get creative. While saying "I Love You" is nice, find a unique way to say exactly how you feel. Try to avoid cliches like butterflies in your stomach and "the world stopped when I saw you."

4.Get Personal. What is it you love about her? What are her best qualities? Tell her.

5.Direct it at her. It's good to say how you feel, but don't forget to tell her about her. Describe the thing about her that drives you crazy, the way her eyes light up a room or the great sense of humor she has. Again be specific. "Your chicken parmesan is the best in all of Kansas," or "The way you dance is sexier than Shakira."

6.Get Sexy. Without getting too graphic. Tell her what it is that is attractive to you. Her hair. Her eyes. The way she fills out a pair of jeans.

7.Add poetry. Try your hand at writing her a simple verse. If you're not a poet yourself, quote from another poet or a song that makes you think of her.

8.Write from your heart. Don't worry so much about if you get it perfect. Just make sure it's sincere.

9.Fess up. If the reason you're writing this letter is because you messed up and are trying to win back her graces, be sure to own your mistakes and promise not to take her for granted again.

10.Love her! Don't forget to tell her you love her.

11.Add a personal touch. Decorate it with photos of the two of you together or images from magazines that remind you of her.


1.Write it out ahead of time on scrap paper. Scratch out, write and re-write until you have it perfect.

2.Don't email it. Hand write it on fancy paper or a card and add a touch of your cologne if you wear it.

3.Send it in the mail. There's something special about receiving a personal letter in the mail these days.

4.Offer to read it out loud to her after she receives it.

5.Don't get too heavy, especially if you haven't been dating all that long. You want it to sound thoughtful, not like a stalker.

What You Need:


•Nice paper

•Her address


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