Aug 30, 2011

Am I different? Are we?

Am I different? Are we?

Do I think that I am really all that different from other people?
How do you answer this? Honestly…how do you write about yourself? Is it ever the truth? Do you even really KNOW yourself enough to begin to answer this?
I will try my best, but certainly don’t know how it will end….
I can walk down the street, or down the aisle of a store and point out differences all around. What you see on the outside of course is different. We were raised different ways, we all came from different families…different origins. Different homes. Yet, is there actually something that somehow brings us together? Absolutely. I believe it anyway.
As I said, someone on the outside may look different, but when you do the research on the inside, you see the same. You look at the heart, and you see someone who has loved. You see someone who has hurt. You see someone who has been confused. You look at the brain and you see it all. You see the everyday worries, technicalities of life…thoughts in general. You find the overworked body. You find pictures, words, songs, memories…
Our body works the same, the only things that ever really seperate us are the things that we are taught. The things that people say.

The words that influence our thoughts. The way we grow up…