Feb 15, 2010

Lost Words

Lost Words

On the bed where we made love
I wake up to find a rose and a note
Your love is the love that has made me suffer
No one went so deep into me like you

I walk around in the house where we danced and dined
Here we drank our wine and there we kissed
This is the wall you held me tight against
And there you raised my miniskirt as your hand slipped into my panties

You touched me and I did not have enough neither did you
All I thought was of my prayers that this joy never ends
Please our sacred Mother in Heaven do not let it end
I prayed hard but time did not listen to me

Now you left and when will you be back
I listen to the music of love
And in every word I hear I know that I am lost
Just lost words in the air

Tonight you will come back
I expect you to be horny
All I think about is being with you in bed
I want you to remove my bra and just suck my breasts

I want you to go down to my panties
Pull them down and just put your face in me
Lick me hard and make me come while standing
Then take me to bed and make love to me again

How I feel is lost in my words
Lost in my love for you
I just want to smell your odour
I want to lick you and feel you in me

Please do not let this night end like the night before
I do not understand why time does not stop
Am I asking too much that I live in the eternity of my ecstasy
I just want to hold you tight near my heart

I wonder why you do not feel like me
Am I the lost words of ancient times
Am I the lost feelings of women who outlived destiney
Yet, you are so real living between my thighs night and day

You caress me like a wild tigeress mating with another of her species
And the lakes you carry me to in my dreams
Never go dry and I live my passions
I live the wonders of love

The shadows of our erotic moments go into the universe
And the Mother of all Mothers smiles to me and tells me:Love passionately
This is my destiney as a woman
I want to love with all my strength

Love is a wild dream that comes once in a lifetime
And love touches me deeply
Let me live these moments and enjoy
Love is so quiet in my heart

Love screams in my face and I wake up
I go out on the streets walking
Softly, love touches my heart
And I see you in your office giving orders

You are the sweet dream that She sent me to love
My dreams live in you deep between your thighs I dream
I see the beauty of your vulva and live again
You are my lost words my love

You make me live in Heaven again
I love to touch your nipples with my tongue
And you come as I penetrate into you
I break you and hear you moan and Mother I cry in joy

These are my lost words
My words that you help me find
I will live in your heart till She tells me come
And I will go because I have to obey

ps: i didnt write this i got it from the net