Feb 15, 2010

I am just a Woman in Love

I am just a Woman in Love

I am a woman in love
When the tears flow from my eyes
You make love to me and I break
I break between your hands

ps: i didnt write this i got it from the net

You touch me tenderly and I cry
I cry in love
The love of the earth and the moon
I close my thighs and bite the sheets
I always need you
You are my love

I am the rose that needs your touch
You caress my breasts with your fingers
And I cry in need for you to make love to me
I just want to spread my legs for you

My breath is fast as I think of you
You break my heart with your love
What am I but a woman in love
In love with you

I am lost in the forest of desire
And my soul is gone
The sound of the waves touches me as they break
I sit on the cold sand
The dawn is magic to me
The cold breeze fills my heart with my needs for you
My heart beats the music of passion
And I drink the wine that flows from you into me
I am just a poor woman in need of you

May the stars see my love to you
And may the heavens know how deep this love is
Softly I touch myself and wonder where you are
You hurt me deeply when you are away
I just want to be with you
I like to look at you naked
Your breasts that flow and break me
I look into your eyes and see the truth
Let me be in love with you
It is not a memory written on cold walls with the wind

I am in love and my needs burn in my heart
I cry like a candle burning itself to shine the path for you
I am broken but your love is the force that keeps me going
Your heart that gives me love is the wound that never heals
I am just a woman that wants to bend to you and feel you in me
Lick me and let me come and scream the ecstasy of love
When a woman loves another woman it is heaven's song

I want to sing and drink the milk that flow from you
I am the baby girl that reached the galaxies with her love
I am just a woman in love

ps: its not written by me i liked it and toke it from asite