Feb 15, 2010

Touching Hands

Touching Hands

Strange as a woman might be
Her feelings are those of eternity
The hands that touch through open doors and windows
To souls that eyes can see

My body is the soil
My soul is that of a woman known to the gods
I share the pain of all our souls
I bleed on the floor of the room
The bed that we made love on and saw our love and weakness
Becomes my baby to care for
My baby to care for

I pray to you to hold my long hair
The golden hair that flies in the wind
Frozen feelings that need to melt and see the Light
The Light we call love
The Light we call dreams
It makes me wonder about Love

I am just a lost soul that knows the gods
Knows their love and pain
I touch myself under the water
And the violin plays as I dance to its rythm

The tears that you made me shed are gone
Hurt me again and tell me of your love that I have never but known
What am I but a stranger

And Tender Tears that fall in passionate streams
To meet the ocean where we made love
And I bend to you as you go deep and deep into me

Is this the love I search for
Is this the longing I care for
Just tell me the word and I will be there
For you to see and the tears will flow again

I am willing to be and lack no courage
Just touch me touch me and let me be


الدانة said...

مساج الله بالخير توم بوي
الحمدلله عالسلامة مشتاقين :)