Feb 15, 2010



Feelings that you give me make me dream
Dream of life's secrets
Your love is the joy that lets me live
And your words that touch my soul are the lilies in my forest

My orchid smells the sweet scent of passion
As you go down between my thighs your eyes gaze
You make me happy that I please you
You go deep in me to smell the scent of love

I spread wide for you to feel my soft body
You caress me with your tongue
You lick me softly
My warm body attracts you deep into me

The heat in me is the desire I can give you
You are aroused and I can smell your breath
The breath of lust has the scent of dreams
Dreams that I worship

Your tongue touches my clit and I moan
My sweet water begins to flow
As you lick my honey I moan again
Your tongue touches my orchid again and I arch

My breath quickens
My moans grow wilder
You make love to me so softly and gently
You are my goddess

The feelings you give me are the dreams of a virgin
I remember that night when my blood flowed to touch the earth
It was the dream that I became a woman
It was the touch that made me see heaven and cry

You took my heart and flew away
I am the female of nature
The female that stayed behind
Stayed behind and waited
For your dreams to make love to her again
ps: i didnt write this i got it from the net