Dec 19, 2009

Myths and the truth about lesbians

Myths and the truth about lesbians

Unfortunately we often have to face misunderstanding and sometimes even aggression from heterosexual part of humankind. This lack of understanding often brings about most absurd rumors - heterosexuals think, that all of us, lesbians, are manlike, dissolute, childless and mentally ill defective women. No doubt heterosexuals will take a great deal of time to realize that we, lesbians are nice, kind, tender and loving. Now our main goal is to dispel 10 myths about lesbians in order to realize their absurdity and to be able to explain everything to those who know nothing about homosexuality and lesbians in particular.
Myth 1: If being young you were seduced by a woman, than you will certainly become a lesbian.

Facts: all studies confirm that sexual orientation is being formed during the first year of a person's life, therefore no matter by whom you were seduced being a teen, this by no means can influence your preferences in future. A wide ranging study carried out in Netherlands has destroyed this myth forever.

Myth 2: Heterosexual love is the only possible and admissible as it results in children

Facts - No doubt, only sexual relationships between a man and a woman result in childbirth, but this is not an evidence proving that homosexual, and in particular lesbian love is less significant. Very often relationships between two heterosexuals are not oriented exclusively to childbirth, and nevertheless they are full of tenderness, intimacy, willingness to please each other, to give to each other pleasure. Why does it seem unnatural that two persons of the same gender strive for the same feelings?

Myth 3: Lesbians hate men


To love a woman does not mean to hate men. Being in love is a positive emotional state. Love between women cannot negatively influence a woman's attitude towards the world and to the opposite sex in particular. However men, sometimes being too selfish and arrogant cannot recognize that a woman can have so great feelings which are by no means related to them.
Myth 4: Lesbians have an enormous sex drive, they almost attack women they like in public places

Facts: There is no study which proves the fact that sex drive of lesbians and their sexual behavior is displayed more evidently than in heterosexuals. Their behavior towards persons they like and want does not differ from behavior of heterosexuals.
Myth 5: Lesbians adopt children in order to make them lesbians or gays

Facts. Various studies concerning this matter show that a person cannot be made by force a homosexual. According to these logics all people would be heterosexuals if family and education could influence sexual orientation.
Myth 6: There would be more lesbians and gays if the society stops openly speaking about its tolerant attitude towards homosexuality.

Facts: The number of homosexuals is not going to increase, no matter whether it would be approved by the society or not. On the contrary, those who hide their feelings will have a chance to feel free.
Myth 7: All lesbians are manlike, and all gays behave like women. Homosexual relationships always imply role play - one partner plays a man, whereas the other plays a woman.

Facts: - Homosexual (and lesbian in particular) relationships vary. Sometimes they imply role play, sometimes they do not. There is nothing compulsory in homosexual relationships.
Myth 8: Lesbians cannot have children.

Facts:They can and they have. Some of them manage to have kids before they realize their sexual orientation. Others give birth to children with partners of the opposite sex, very often these partners are homosexuals as well. There are many women who have heterosexual relationships, but consider themselves to be lesbians. They cannot come out for various reasons - job, relatives, friendsSome of them have lovers of the same sex, whereas others do not come out until the end of their lives.
Myth 9: Homosexuality is treatable

Facts: Homosexuality cannot be treated. There was not a case when psychiatric or medicament treatment could be effective against homosexuality. Sexual, sensual, emotional feelings cannot be changed by force.
Myth 10: Homosexuality is unnatural

Facts:Homosexuality always existed - in any culture and at all times. Some societies damned it, others were tolerant toward this phenomenon - but it always existed. Homosexual behavior is characteristic of animals as well. Sexual behavior in nature is various, and it does not comply with human ideology and ideals.