Dec 19, 2009

10 FAQ about lesbians

10 FAQ about lesbians

1. Who are the lesbians?Tribadism begins with feelings. At first you feel the love to the other woman and then you can also feel sexual desire. You can fell in love and express your feelings fully while having sex with a woman. You can be considered a lesbian or female homosexual, if you arouse being with a woman, or thinking of her. But it doesnt mean that you hate men or they dont exist in your life. You could have sex experience with a man, and they may take part in your sexual fantasies.
2. Can any woman be a lesbian?

Not each of women is a lesbian. But many of them have homosexual fantasies. The problem is that not every woman can confess that she is an unusual one. Especially those who are married are usually afraid of others reaction. This type of lesbians is called potential homosexuals. And only few choose not to hide and live as they want. So any woman in your circle can be lesbian: your neighbor, your doctor, your sister, daughter or teacher.
3. How many lesbians are in our society nowadays?

According to investigations, one or two women of 20 are lesbians. About 50% of interrogated women declared that they had homosexual experience and lesbian feelings. If all women had the liberty of choice, there would be much more lesbians. But the most societies and cultures accept only heterosexuality, but the homosexuality is considered to be something immoral and unnatural. They dont take in consideration that this can make many people suffer.
4. Where can we meet lesbians?

We can meet them there and everywhere, in any culture and society all over the world. They existed in all times in the course of human history. Some people believe that its easier to be a lesbian in developed countries, and the possibility to meet a person of homosexual orientation is much higher there. But its not quite so. The society can influence the way the lesbians are accepted by people, it can forbid their public activities, but it cant influence true feelings. Feelings cant be killed by ideology. Thanks to the growing homosexual activity in Internet, and development of international lesbian communities we can easily find the information we need, as well as to get acquainted with people from different countries and communicate with like-minded persons.
5. What can lesbian orientation cause?

Can it be treated? Some lesbians believe that theyve been homosexual since they were born. The others say that it was their own choice and they did it being adults. There are many reasons to be both homosexual and heterosexual. For the long time the homosexuality used to be considered a disease. But neither injections nor any other treatment gave a positive result. Women were harmonized and even isolated in special rehabilitation centers. It was proved that the homosexuality is not an illness. Any kind of treatment only hurts mentality.
6. Where could the lesbians meet each other?

Actually, you could easily meet them everywhere. Its really difficult to identify whether the certain person is the lesbian or not according to her appearance. In some cultures and subcultures lesbians wear different special symbols to demonstrate their homosexuality and to recognize each other. Sometimes the lesbians put on male clothes or use variety of special accessories. The pink triangle has been chosen as a symbol of homosexuality during the Second World War. The homosexual prisoners had to wear these on their clothes. Nowadays lesbians wear this triangle as a symbol of pride. One can find out with sureness that the person is homosexual only when she has declared it by herself. Some lesbians date secretly in an underhand way. They date in their friends houses, forming small social groups. They can also communicate when visiting some parties organized by special organization. But you can meet them in the streets, in supermarkets, in the university and any other public place as well.
7. Can the lesbians get married and have children?

In Germany, Norway, Sweden and Holland homosexual couples can get married and register officially their marriages the way heterosexuals do it. In USA some of the companies and city administrations grant to them the same medical and pensionary rights as to those naturals, who got married in church, synagogue or Roman-Catholic church. In some countries gays and lesbians have their own churches and synagogues where they can get married. Unfortunately these marriages dont have a legal status. However, the lesbians fight for their rights by opening legal private organizations. Such kind of organizations occupies with property, inheritance and the most important thing they do is settling the matter of having children.
8. How do the lesbians live together and love each other?

The lifestyle of naturals diverges much. So does the lesbian one. Some of them live alone and keep their innocence during all their life. Some of them are monogamous and live with the single partner. The others are not, and change sometimes their partners. There are also those who are in relationship both with men and women. When living as you like, its very important to have the freedom of choice. Often the lesbians dont want to imitate heterosexual style of relationship. It implies playing the male role by one of the partners, and the female by the other. The same thing happens in the sack. The best way to choose your own style is to understand what you prefer and what the preferences of your partner are. When you know how to get pleasure and how to bring it to your partner, all the problems disappear by themselves. There are no rules except those you made up for yourself!
9. What consequences might being lesbian cause?

People often react negatively on discovering that you arent natural. You can be even left by your friends and rejected by your family. Sometimes the lesbians are laid off and lose their children, being deprived of mother rights.In some countries lesbians can be punished by banishment or psychiatric therapy. In several countries there are no laws, which discriminate male homosexuals. But the situation with lesbians is quite different. Lesbians still confront with misunderstanding and lots of problems. Fortunately, many activists work on it, therefore the situation changes little by little. The survey shows that circa 85% of Europeans is tolerant to the homosexuality. Though the discrimination does exist, and its not easy to confess your homosexuality and live being a lesbian. Different und unusual persons always had many problems with society and suffered much. But someday the lesbians will live easy and free. And you can be the one who take part in this fight for lesbians rights!
10. How do the lesbians fight against being pressed?

We believe, that every woman has the right to use her body as she likes. She also has the right to love and to be loved. These rights were taken off by men, who ruled the states, dominated at home and even in family bed. We need to fight with the laws and institutions which cut off the female liberty and freedom of choice. Female discrimination as well as the lesbian one is the result of male domination in all these fields. The feminism should also deal with the problems of heterosexual pressing. If women are afraid to talk about it openly, nothing will change. Its very important for the lesbians to be together, because only together we are more powerful and can achieve good results. While communicating, talking about our feelings, successes, work and problems we feel closer to each other. Remember, that there are millions of lesbians all over the world and together we can resolve everything!