Mar 21, 2010

We got the “cure” for lesbians!

i found this on the net and i edite some of my cumments
was loughing on how stuped arabian tv shows are lol

We got the “cure” for lesbians!
Fajer AlSi3eed (فجر السعيد), the Kuwaiti writer responsible for many Ramadan shows, goes a step beyond her usual nonsense…..she found the “cure” for lesbians!!
Apparently, if ur a lesbian, all u need is to see Mishari AlBallaam,that guy on the pict lol
I cracked up laughing . Heehehehe it’s utterly hilarious
LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL I couldnt contain myself when I saw that , I was calling everybody all at once! What a joke?!

Alballam is the cure? ah give me a break,

and let him touch ur hand! duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
. There is a character in the show 3adeel Alroo7 that is a lesbian teenager, and they show how her family suffers from this problem and how it affects them in the eye of others! (I guess since the gay character has been done more than once, this ws the next logical step).
Anyway, in this scene, she sees AlBalaam, and all of a sudden u can see how she fell in love at first sight, loooooooooooooool (seb7an allah ) and then he showed some interest in her, and when her sister was taking a picture of them together, his hand touched hers!! (scandalous!!) ;P
Then, u see her laying in bed trying to sleep but she cant, she’s thinking of him and his touch! my god looooooooooooooooooooool is she alesbian wanna be or what meybe bisxoul i thought lesbians hate man loooooooooooool
Her sister tells her mom about it, telling her that she thinks her sister is finally “cured”!! LOL!
She has been UNlesbianized!! haaaaaaaaaahaha this is abig joke
Thank you Fajer AlSi3eed for “curing” her and showing us how to treat that “disease” as u think its adisease looooooooool while other tv shows accept thim and show us that ther is gay ppl and les in life and thats not adisease lol
Beautiful isnt it?? Writers highlighting problems in society and showing us how to treat them in a mature way
Using the wise words from Misha3il AlZankawy, the great actress who deserves an oscar for her quality acting …….. AY SHAY! all of this is bull shit
have several social classes but at least she could have put the good side of our society to get the balance
Unfortunately, most of her viewers buy this shit. That sexual orientation can be switched homo/hetero over night! lol what abig joke

fajer alsa3eeed : GET A LIFE !

Let me tell u my theory. We r all Q80s, we have these problems in our society, as any other society. On the other hand as u know that each society has levels, weather horizontally of vertically

Seriously when will people here accept the fact that homosexuality is not a disease or some kind of (style) which one can grow out of once even though I actually believe a some of homosexuals in Kuwait are doing it as a style thing.

So men, keep your women away from the Angelina Jolies of the world, and women, keep your men away from the Brad Pitts. Coz who knows but a touch of their hand, you’d lose yours to the other camp


Anonymous said...

Mishary is gay and he's starting to get well known in the gay community nowadays

I don't know how shojon agreed to play that stupid part of the series
She knows better