Oct 19, 2009

new friend i meat

hi im back

i was so buzzy this days iv meat a nice person from the net this last 5,6 months shes a very open minded ,help full ,smart ,undearstanding friend shes just diffreant from all the friends i had or care about b4 i do have other friends in my life that i care but i m so excited knowing this person for what she get inside awhite heart that iv been looking for someone like me she got something that not everyone get

shes just amazing

she just came in to my life and shine it with her friendship i didn t think it would click like that and we would be real friends

i cant just descripe this friendship thers no words for it

even i just know her for a short moment but she was always ther for me and stode for me when b4 other friends hurt me

she give me a chance when ppl just gossip about me and hated me for no reason or for ther jelousy

her friendship is not any friendship to me i have friends that i care its not only her but i just feel save with her i had friends that i lost aswell im not thinking about thim coase they are gone bang i dont care about thim anymore dont wanna waste my time thinking

well i think god give this friend for a reason to show me that the other friends i lost arent worth my time my tears my love my carrng i just guss god did this to give me something value and to send me a msg shes just worth to share my love and friendship with so i think i lost my friends coase god wanted to give me this amazing person in my life this friend so yes i think thers a reason for everything (thank you god )

i just wanna say thank you and you are so amazing so diffreant then all the others yes i know i dont have the right to say this now when i just get to know you but i dont care its to sad that i didnt know u back b4 ur just the one i wanted for afriend to be god bless you thanks for beliving in me
love you