Oct 12, 2008

How 2 spike your hair ;p

How 2 spike your hair ;p

Do you want to spike your hair? Do you know how? Well, here you go

1. Get your hair cut short. Long spikes are very difficult to maintain.

2. Get some hair gel, mousse or putty and a hair brush. The damper your hair is, the spikier it will be, but don't wet your hair too much or your spikes will curl or fall.

3. Brush it out. Shake it up and down and when it is in the down position grab some of your hair and form it into a spike.

4. Take a small amount of hair gel of your hands and put it in your hair.

5. Do this to the rest of your hair and put as many spikes in it as you want.

6. When you're done styling, you can spray your hair with a good hairspray if you want.


• Wash your hair daily.

• To see if it's spiky in the back of your head, take another mirror and put it behind you on an angle.

• If you use putty, make sure it's in your hair completely and that the color of it isn't showing.

Warnings :

• Don't put too much product in your hair, it can ruin the texture and also it can make your hair not look evenly spiked enough. Steps :Tips :Warnings :237 hits


"Gay Boy" Weekly said...

HeHe that's cool :P

I cut my hair few days ago, not it's short and spikey. Before it was long. I think i like them both but spikey is sexier..

Fantast!c said...

thank ya ;)

simu said...

nice :D... maybe i'll try it