Oct 28, 2007

Lesbian Truth vs. A Misunderstood Society View

Lesbian Truth vs. A Misunderstood Society View Society View: Lesbians look and act like men. Often referred to as "dykes". Lesbian Fact: Although there are some lesbians who do fit into the stereotypical description, there are plenty of lesbians who are very feminine looking and acting. I didn't know a lesbian had to play the part of a dyke to be initiated into lesbian hood. Society View: Lesbians were abused as young girls or had a bad experience with men. Lesbian Fact: The sad fact is that there are a lot of women (straight and lesbian) were abused as children. However, there are plenty of lesbians who were NOT abused as children and who did NOT have bad experiences with men. The fact is this: You are either born gay or you're not. You will realize it when you're young, older, old, or never. Society View: Being lesbian is a choice. Lesbian Fact: Thinking that being homosexual is a choice is like saying being attracted to blondes, red heads, brunettes, fat, skinny, black, white, Asian, or Hispanics is a choice. they do NOT choose who they fall in love with nor do they choose who they are attracted to. lesbians were NEVER attracted to the opposite sex since the day they were born. Although some may have dated the opposite sex in younger years or married in adult years, that doesn't mean that their attraction to the same sex was not there. It simply means that their "denial" superseded their inner awakening and identity. Many lesbians claim after coming out that they knew in the back of their mind that they were attracted to the same sex, but they "settled" on dating or marrying the opposite sex for not wanting to go against what society wants from them. It takes a courageous person to "come out of the closet" and admit to who they are. There are also many that will tell you that by their "choice" to marry the opposite sex didn't make them happy NOR make their partner happy in the long run. Was it fair to marry a man who you know you would never truly be fully in love with or be attracted to? Is this fair to the man not ever being fully loved (mind, body, and soul) by his wife? Is it fair to the woman to give up her desires for someone that is not for her and a lifestyle that will never make her truly happy? The ONLY choice that was made in these situations were not to being themselves and being true to themselves or to the person they married. Not living for you is a choice. Pretending is a choice. One more statement regarding "choice": Who in their right mind would "choose" to be lesbian knowing the battlefield (societies ignorance and hatred) that lays out there for homosexuals? Society View: Being a homosexual is all about sex. Lesbian Fact: Indeed there is a sexual factor in "homosexuality"; same as "heterosexuality". Sex and love are two entities. Anyone can have sex; only people in love make love. Most homosexuals are like anyone else --- they are looking for "love". In other words, homosexuals prefer the same sex partners for love and with love comes love making


انونيمس بالعربي said...

باعلق على اخر نقطة

"Homosexuals are not any more sexual than heterosexuals."

Amen to that!
But you know what? I KNOW that this misconception all boils down to homosexuals introducing themselves and identifying themselves as such.

Why do you identify yourself with your sexual orientation specifically? This always gave people the idea that being homosexual is being a sex addict.
There are so many descriptions that can fit you as an individual; "lesbian" is only one of them. Why pick this one out of ten others that form your identity? You make it stand out, you magnify it, and you thus label yourself with it and make it take over your identity.

If you do not want discrimination against you, start with yourself. Start viewing yourself as a person first. Stop labeling yourself for goodness sake! Mentally, grab your sexual orientation and place it a little off the forefront of your identity.

You know what you will become when you do that? A NEUTRAL person. That's all: a person, regardless of religious, social, sexual, or national orientation.

homosexuality is a part of you only, one personal part of you that you can KEEP TO YOURSELF for the most part, just like heterosexuals keep their sex lives private. What I am saying is homosexuality is NOT YOU, it's not your identity; it's just one side of it.
Why boast the fact that you are a homosexual? Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head!*

I think the whole thing of homosexuality vs heterosexuality is WAY overrated. It is not only overrated, it is also POLITICIZED when it is ridiculously much more simpler than that.
Just do your thing and I do my thing and nobody should really care about the other so much. Afterall who needs to know about my sex life other than my close friends and involved family? Right?


*This phrase I owe to the great Warren Buffet :)

Anonymous said...

omg i totally agree